You are a sociopath if all these moments have happened in your life

For you people mean hurt, suffering, tears and unpleasant smell; and if it is possible somehow to stand yourself clenching your teeth, then to stand the whole crowd of idiots is a real feat you can accomplish not so easy.

You are a sociopath if all these moments have happened in your life
06 May 2017 Saturday 21:52


Your diagnosis: you are sociopath. To prove it there are the situations described below that happened at least once in life of every sociopath.

1. If you are going to leave your flat but you hear someone to be on the stair landing, you do not leave it until people are still there.

2. You are truly glad when nobody asks you to go out.

3. It is the feeling when your friends have already lured you somewhere.

4. Internet is your best friend.

5. You are about to run out of reasons not to go studying/working.

6. You forget how to breathe when a consultant comes to you in the shop.

7. You retell your friends how cool you are going to spend your coming weekend but as a result you just stay at home!

8. When you are asked what the news is in your life, you try to look for some unreal news in your mind for a split second...

9. You usually come latest and leave earliest to talk to people as less as possible.

10. Is it necessary to mention that you never call anybody back?

11. When you meet your fellow by chance in the store...


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